You’ll find hoses in different sizes made of various materials depending on what they are being applied for. You can trust the quality products we offer for jobs of all manners—commercial, residential or industrial. We are now counted among the United State’s premier hose suppliers and hose shops.

Is your industrial hose just a flexible, reinforced tube? No, being at the heart of operations, it’s much more than that. You need quality industrial hoses as you just can’t afford downtime or failures. We at Zeluga have manufactured industrial hoses, accessories and couplings using cutting-edge technology. They are used for multiple applications that have ranged from petroleum to pressure washing, water to welding, and also mining to material handling. We carry out extensive tests on every hose system component putting them under very harsh environmental conditions so they can perform under rigorous operational demands. We at Zeluga ensure that your downtime is minimized while maximizing your value.

Come, let us help you find the industrial hose product that suits your needs the best.

Air Hoses Accessories

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Strain relief for air hose with fitting body and nut 1/4in. ID and 3/8in. hose connection on one end 1/4in.…