About Us

Over the last few years, Zeluga has earned the trust of its customers offering them hardware products of high quality. Giving personal attention to every product that is offered online, Zeluga makes sure that none of them leaves any of his customers disappointed. None of his customers has any reason to complain. Yes, Zeluga has a band of loyal and happy customers.

It’s a highly competitive market in the US. There is a plethora of businesses offering hardware products both online and over the counter. Yet, Zeluga has succeeded in carving out a niche with its quality hardware products. Zeluga never had any performance issues giving the buyers total satisfaction.

We at Zeluga are delighted to share with you some wonderful news! We are making a foray into offering rock climbing equipment that we shall manufacture ourselves. The thrill of rock climbing can be enjoyed only with safe and quality equipment. Zelug team give proper attention in manufacturing these high quality products that include half body harnesses, ascenders and steel magnetic hatchets.

Having been in the American market for several years, Zeluga won’t give you any reason to complain with its rock climbing equipment either. Your safety is of utmost concern to Zeluga and the company made sure that every product manufactured at his unit adheres to the prescribed safety standards.

So the next time you go rock climbing, you’ll find Zeluga to trust on for the equipment you use.

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